Hanbaz Water Tank Cleaner


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  • Product Highlights:
      1. No power is required
      2. No chemicals needed to clean your tank
      3. Very low tank cleaning time
      4. Easy to operate with self-service design
      5. Just sweep out deposited sediment in few minutes easily
      6. Can increase and decrease the size of the pipe
      7. Rotating brush head for easy access to clean the bottom side and corners
      8. User friendly, even ladies can operate this very easily
      9. No maintenance and repairs required
      10. Freedom for yearly water tank cleaning expenses
      11. Tank Cleaning Capacity upto 1000 l ltr
      12. Very compact and lightweight with an unbreakable design


  • Material: PVC pipes and Aluminium pipe
  • Length of Hose: 303 cm (9.9 ft)
  • Hose Diameter: 3 cm
  • Length of Aluminium Pipes: 130.5 cm (4.28 ft) (After Installation)
  • Adjustable Aluminium Pipe/Handle Length: 59 cm to 121.5 cm
  • Cleaning Brush: 25.3 x 17 x 15 cm
  • Tank Cleaning Capacity: Upto 1000 ltrs
  • Net Weight: 858 g
  • How to Use?
    1. Join the handle to the brush head by snap fit button
    2. Open the valve, fill the pipe upto the valve completely & close the valve, repeat if water drains.
    3. After filling the pipe close the valve.
    4. Extension can be done by turning & locking the handle. Ensure it is locked.
    5. Water tank should contain half a tank of water. Insert the brush head into the tank.
    6. Open the valve at the other end.
    7. Using the handle, clean the sides and bottom of the tank to remove dirt & debris. The dirt will automatically get drained out.

    1. The water tank must have sufficient water. The more water, the better. At least have 3/4 tank full.
    2. The valve at the hose end, should be placed lower than the tank level bottom, or put the valve over the parapet wall.
    3. Move the brush slowly in a rotating sequence from one place to another after the dust is sucked out. Repeat the procedure. If dust is shaken completely, wait for the dust & debris to settle.
    4. If your water tank has not been cleaned for the last six months to twelve months, we advise that you clean the debris manually first, since it would require intense cleaning. After this, the subsequent cleaning can be done by the HANBAZ water tank cleaner every two months.
    5. At least once in two months, clean your water tank using the HANBAZ water tank cleaner.
    6. If the water level in your tank is below 1/4 level, then try to fill it upto 3/4 level, then brush the sides and bottom parts and wait for the debris to settle down. Then follow steps (2) to (6).
    7. The telescopic handle length can be adjusted to use appropriately.

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